The back end of my '86 4kq was sagging compared to the front. I got Bilstein struts, H&R springs and Urq "blue" strut bearings. Upon dissassembly I found blue bearings in the back already! If you look at the picture below, you will see part #811 412 355 C which came off the front (left side of picture) and 857 412 355A which are blue from the back. I have no idea how the blue ones got in there as the original owner was not AFIK a performance type. ETKA says 857 412 323 B belongs on the back of the 4kq and the Urq. 857 412 323 B looks identical to my old blue 857 412 355 A. Maybe the factory really did put Urq strut bearings on the back of the 80q/4kq? This is a problem since the blue bearings actually lower the car about 1/2" (the spring perch is about 1/2" higher on the blue bearings). Look at the picture. The bearings are upside down from the way they sit in the car. Notice the center bearing which supports the perch is lower on the blue bearing in the picture. The rubber of the blue bearing is also stiffer. I put 4 of the 857 412 323 B's that I got from Rod at TPC and the car is now level. Actually, the rear stayed the same height, while the front dropped slightly. See it here.

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